Congratulations – Diana Saad – FS Power 50 Financial Adviser

The team at Silway Private Wealth would like to congratulate Diana Saad, Senior Financial Adviser, for recently being recognised by the Financial Standard Magazine as one of the 50 most influential Financial Advisers in Australia. As a business we are excited to have Diana as part of our team and look forward to supporting her as she continues to help shape the future of the financial advice industry, while continually improving the lives of our clients.

In Diana’s humble words:  ‘There are no true solo acts! I am incredibly grateful for the amazing team at Silway Private Wealth, that help me do what I do best. I am also equally grateful for our fantastic clients, all the inspirational people that have supported me on my career journey; as well as all of the wonderful people that recognised my efforts’.

If you wish to read the full publication, we  have attached here the 2020 FS Power 50 article in the Financial Standard Magazine;

The team at Silway Private Wealth look forward to our continued relationship with you, and hopefully many more good news stories to share with you in the future!