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Debt can cripple your financial stability and eat away at your income. Some debts are manageable. However, if you’re having difficulty meeting payments each month, we’re here to offer our advice so you can reduce your debts and interest and start saving.

What is debt management?

Debt management is a strategic effort to eliminate unsecured debts such as credit cards, store cards and personal loans. It may involve working with creditors to restructure debt or figuring out how payments can be more effectively managed and budgeted for.

Debt management strategies

  • Control cash flow
  • Effective use of cash reserves
  • Debt consolidation
  • Effective use of a lump sum
  • Debt recycling
  • Prepay interest
  • Tax efficiency

Let’s discuss debt management

Building a successful debt management plan is all about understanding your priorities. While it does involve living on a more restricted budget, it’s often possible to pay off your debts while still enjoying a good standard of living – with occasional treats and money to spare.

Together, we’ll go through all of your documents and help you map out things like your cash flow and existing and potential problem areas. We’re not here to criticise your spending habits and past money decisions – so it’s important you’re open and honest with us.

While our initial focus will be debt reduction, there are often other things to take into account. We look at the whole picture and tailor a plan to suit your specific needs. By working with us to manage your debt, you can get one step closer to the healthy financial future you’ve pictured for yourself.