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We’ve been working under the name Silway Private Wealth since 2015, but our experience in financial planning spans over 20 years.

Owning a private financial planning firm has always been a goal of our co-founder, Todd Burnell. Working from his home office in the lakeside suburb of Belmont, Todd and his wife Camilla grew things organically in the beginning to a point where they needed to evolve.

In mid 2018, the search for a new financial advisor began. This lead to a meeting with Endeavour Financial Planning and Geoff Munday whose values aligned with ours – and after that, our two businesses became one.

Where the business has gone, is not just driven by us. Our strategy, culture, and success are inspired by the vision and direction of our clients. We often say that our clients don’t just choose us, we choose each other – it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Now a team of nine, we continue to offer the very best advice to our Newcastle, Sydney, and NSW-based clients. How would we sum ourselves up? Approachable, transparent, and fully-focused on helping people achieve financial security and life goals.

“Our strategy, culture, and success are inspired by the vision and direction of our clients.”

“Both Geoff and I have been through some really different market conditions. We went through the 2001 tech wreck and went through the global financial credit crisis in 2008. That’s experience you can’t teach.”
Todd Burnell

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We're a Consultum Financial Advisers Limited licensee

We’re authorised representatives of Consultum Financial Advisers Limited. Consultum Financial Advisers is recognised as one of Australia’s leading financial advice networks, with approximately 400 experienced financial planners across Australia managing over $14billion of investments.

How this helps you

Working with the second-largest licensee in Australia means we have phenomenal access to many resources. We also get technical support, meaning we can deliver you better, more informed services with any risks greatly reduced.