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The first objective of many financial advisors is to get you to sign and pay the fee first. Our approach is a little bit different.

Step 1

When you first contact us, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your position and get you to sign an engagement letter so we can get the information we need from your existing product providers – we’ll then go away and do our background research.

Step 2

In our second meeting, we’ll go through where you are today, and talk about some of the key areas that you need to address – based on what you’ve told us your objectives are. We can then start discussing the scope of advice.

Step 3

Only when we get to the point of saying, this is the scope of advice you need, and this is what we’ll do moving forward, do we start to charge. This ensures you get a really good look at what we’re able to do for you, prior to engaging us.

Key areas we’ll cover

Estate planning

This is the priority. By chatting to you about what your estate objectives are, we get to learn a lot more about you, your values, and where you see your family.

Personal insurance

With your estate planning and objectives in mind, we then look at what mechanisms, in other words, types of insurances, you have in place to make them come to life.

Debt management

After insurances, we then discuss your debt situation to make sure that your liabilities are all working correctly and going in the right direction.


Finally, we talk investment and cashflow. It’s a little bit in reverse because most people presume investment would come first, but it’s really the last piece.